Frequently Asked Questions

We are available for weddings, anniversary and birthday parties, private events and corporate functions. We are also available for public performances in and around the South West (such as pubs and festivals etc.)

Yes we are always keen to perform first dances ourselves. You would just need to give us enough notice (a month or so before your event) to learn the song well enough to be able to perform it. Equally, if you would prefer the original recording played, we offer that service too. It’s entirely your decision.

We traditionally play as a four piece band with a full drum kit, an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, a bass guitar and two keyboards. We have a full PA system and Lighting Rig. We always use a fully trained sound technician (who insures the music is well levelled and not too loud) and who acts as a point-of-contact while we are performing. We also offer acoustic sets in addition to our "full band" set ups which require less equipment and are quieter.

Some wedding clients ask us to provide some acoustic music during the afternoon (while guest are arriving at the venue or eating; for instance) and then request that we provide a full band set up for their evening entertainment. Our quotes are fully customised to your event so just let us know what you require.

Yes, we do. We use a DJ laptop which plays through our PA system. It has thousands of dance floor tunes stored on it (from classics right to up to current chart music). If you have your own DJ set list you’d like us to use or a guest-chosen song list, please do let us know before your event.

The IOUs are based in the south west of the UK and are willing to travel to the majority of the UK for your event. The overall quote will be dependent on distance travelled.

You are more than welcome to use our PA for speeches or background music after we have set up. Usually speeches are earlier on in the day so if you wish to do this before the evening, you would need to organise with us that we do an earlier set up (see below).

As loudly or as quietly as you like! Band members and our sound technician are used to working at various sized venues and for varying amounts of people, so will adjust the volume as necessary.

Having played hundreds of weddings and events over the past few years, we have never missed a booking due to illness. If, however, we do need a stand in due to some unforeseen circumstance, we have the fortune of knowing many experienced "back up" musicians who would be able to step in at short notice.

Usually it takes us about an hour and a half to setup – assuming we can park easily near the entrance of the venue. Depending on where the function is, we may be able to set up earlier on in the day (or sometimes even the night before). This helps your event run more smoothly and gives you the option of using our equipment during the day for speeches and / or to play background music. We can discuss this further at the booking stage.

That’s up to you, our standard time to finish would be around midnight but we can pretty much start and finish when you want. Please ask for further details.

This depends on your requirements and budget. Typically an event would consist of 2 x 90 minute live sets with DJ laptop music in-between and after. Some clients prefer more or less than this, depending on if they have any other entertainment booked for the evening, and what time the venue closes.

The price for an IOU’s performance varies depending on the duration of our sets, the distance we would need to travel and what the client specifically wants us to provide. Please get in touch for an exact quote. As standard the price includes around 3 hours of performed music and a disco service in between and after our "live" sets.

Some potential clients like to come along to a live 'public' booking to listen to us perform and meet the band. Just ask and we'll let you know when we're next performing. There is also a testimonial section on this very website so you can read what recent clients have said about our services.

For a custom, 'tailored to your event' quote please use the contact us page on our website, email us at or even get in touch on facebook at